Hetzner becoming vendor-neutral data centre champion

Hetzner recently became the second host of the Johannesburg Internet Exchange (JINX), complementing the INX-ZA’s JINX node in Rosebank.

The partnership between INX-ZA and Hetzner means the reach of JINX is extended to Hetzner’s vendor-neutral and fully-redundant data centre in Gauteng.

The extension of JINX makes it easy for network operators, which already have a presence at JINX in Rosebank, to peer with networks at other locations where JINX has a presence.

Hetzner’s Data Centre Park is located close to major fibre routes and telecoms infrastructure, enabling easier interconnects, lower latencies, and better performance.

Hetzner’s customers will benefit from the new JINX node, which positions the hosting provider as a vendor-neutral data centre champion.

The company said JINX eliminates the need to route all traffic through expensive and often long-distance links, leading to cost savings.

“Network operators also benefit from these lower costs, resulting in more affordable bandwidth,” said Hetzner.

“Our data centre is 100% carrier-neutral, providing customers the freedom of choice of a wide range of network operators they can use.”

Hetzner’s open peering policy

Hetzner said it has an open peering policy, and invited all network providers to peer with it at JINX.

“We’ve always been a big supporter of open peering with other network operators as it leads to substantial cost savings for our customers.”

“We also actively seek peering partnerships with network operators that do not peer openly.”

Lower costs through simple products

Hetzner said it has identified an opportunity in the South African market to simplify products and lower the barrier to entry of colocation services.

“Hetzner offers a hassle-free, same-day colocation setup that compares favourably with traditional Tier 3 data centres,” it said.

Its colocation products are available on a month-to-month basis, with no additional setup costs.

“Customers plug in their server at our Samrand Data Centre Park, and they’re ready to go.”

Hetzner has also introduced a “pay as you use” model for electricity, where its customers are billed for kilowatt hours consumed per rack.

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Hetzner becoming vendor-neutral data centre champion