Hetzner breaks 1 petabyte monthly outbound traffic

Hetzner has shown excellent growth over the past year, which saw the company’s outbound traffic exceed 1.1 petabytes in November 2016.

The hosting provider’s outbound traffic – traffic that goes from its network to the Internet – increased by over 130% year-on-year.

Hetzner’s total bandwidth use across its Johannesburg and Cape Town networks is sitting at 1.7 petabytes per month.

“Our traffic ratios have remained consistent to the 30/70 split between international and local (SA) traffic, despite the increase in traffic volumes,” said Hetzner.

To accommodate for the traffic growth and to increase the resilience of its network, Hetzner is installing a new layer 2 network to NAPAfrica.

The new network will allow the company to peer directly at the NAPAfrica Internet exchange.

“By having access to two exchange points in our data centre, we are able to peer with a wide range of telcos, ISPs, and other network operators,” said Hetzner.

“This will further reduce our reliance on our transit (paid for) links, while increasing network capacity and resilience of our upstream connections.”

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Hetzner breaks 1 petabyte monthly outbound traffic