SSL encryption enabled on 80% of Hetzner domains

Hetzner launched its free Let’s Encrypt SSL domain validation certificates for web hosting clients in December 2016, and the campaign has been a success.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority that makes encrypted connections the default standard on the Internet.

Let’s Encrypt has enabled Hetzner to automate the installation and renewal of SSL certificates, letting the company offer the service for free.

Hetzner said the response from its customers was positive – Let’s Encrypt SSL is now enabled for over 80% of the 330,000 domains it hosts.

“Initially, domains with DNS hosted externally, such sites that make use of the Cloudflare service, were excluded. Now, these sites are also SSL enabled automatically,” said Hetzner.

Sites which have not been enabled typically have deviations on the standard setup, such as the VirtualHost configuration.

“Customers with large numbers of subdomains cannot have SSL enabled immediately for all subdomains due to Let’s Encrypt’s rate-limiting restrictions.”

“With these customers, we’re staggering the roll-out. Soon, they will have SSL enabled for all their sites.”

Hetzner has also started its automated certificate renewal for the first phase of Let’s Encrypt SSL domains.

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SSL encryption enabled on 80% of Hetzner domains