We are at the forefront of digital transformation in South Africa – Liquid Telecom CEO Reshaad Sha

Liquid Telecom South Africa CEO Reshaad Sha has explained how his company is at the forefront of digital transformation in South Africa.

Sha, who recently took up the position of CEO at Liquid Telecom SA, provided insight into their role in digital transformation at the 2018 MyBroadband Cloud Conference.

Sha stated that cloud enablements are a critical part of digital transformation, but added that “digital transformation” must be defined accurately.

He said that taking a paper form which must be filled in manually and letting users fill out a digital equivalent, and then email it to a company, is not digital transformation.

It is much more than the mere digitisation of manual processes.

Four pillars

Sha stated that for Liquid Telecom, there are four pillars upon which they base their cloud services.

These pillars allow for exceptional service delivery to users, and help form the basis for a company or a country’s digital transformation journey.

The first pillar is elasticity, as a service must be able to shift to the demands of a business.

The second pillar is reliability.

Thanks to Liquid Telecom’s large, reliable fibre network and it links to many data centres, the company can deliver a highly-reliable cloud platform.

Next is security, and with Liquid Telecom’s highly-secure data centres and connectivity options – and its top-tier partners like Microsoft Azure – it offers secure services to customers.

The fourth pillar is “everywhere”.

Sha said thanks to their fibre network – the largest pan-African fibre network – they can offer services across multiple continents.

These pillars are the glue that bring Liquid Telecom’s capabilities together, he said.

He also emphasised that business owners and executives must develop their own view of what is required to digitally transform.

“When you think about your journey into the cloud and think about your digital transformation initiative… develop your own view of your business, and develop your own lens to investigate what your business model is,” said Sha.

Reshaad Sha

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We are at the forefront of digital transformation in South Africa – Liquid Telecom CEO Reshaad Sha