Why Luno uses Amazon Web Services

Luno selected Amazon Web Services for its cloud infrastructure as it allowed the company to easily scale its systems to keep pace with the growth of its customer base and traffic, CTO Timothy Stranex has told MyBroadband.

“We can very quickly spin up additional servers and access virtually unlimited storage,” said Stranex.

“Security is a major consideration for our business and the AWS platform provides a solid, secure, and reliable base for us to build on,” he added.

Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider with rand support, which employs over 250 people and operates in over 40 countries.

Its head offices are in Cape Town, Singapore, and London, and it has almost two million customers around the world.

The company felt the benefits, and pressure, of the rush to buy cryptocurrency in 2017, and thanks to its robust systems has been able to process payments of almost R62 billion to date.

Luno’s technology stack

Looking more in-depth at Luno’s operations, Stranex said all their backend services are built using the Go programming language.

“We use a microservice architecture and the services communicate using gRPC. We use MySQL for our primary databases,” he added.

On the client side, Luno’s apps are natively built for Android and iOS (Swift), and its web app is written in TypeScript and Angular.

“Our production environment runs on Amazon Web Services. Our microservices are run using Docker containers. We use Prometheus and Jaeger for monitoring,” said Stranex.

He added that Luno also uses various other components, like Etcd and Redis, and they leverage the services provided by Amazon Web Services wherever possible.

This includes EC2, RDS, SQS, S3, and Redshift.

“Technology is Luno’s core strength,” said Stranex.

“Luno was built from the ground up and this technology stack has allowed us to achieve a high level of scalability, reliability, and security – and handle millions of customers easily.”

Timothy Stranex

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Why Luno uses Amazon Web Services