How Internet Solutions is handling weeks of downtime on cloud service

After more than two weeks of downtime, Internet Solutions has said that it expects the restoration of its Consumer Virtual Machine system to be complete in 48 hours.

Internet Solutions told MyBroadband that it experienced hard disk failures on its Consumer Virtual Machine (CVM) last month, resulting in certain clients having limited or no access to their services.

It said that the outage has affected less than a quarter of clients using the IS Cloud CVM.

Clients were first notified of the outage just after 20:00 on 18 March, and after a week of downtime MyBroadband readers wrote to complain about a lack of support from IS.

Those affected had been experiencing intermittent, slow, or no access to their instances hosted in the IS consumer cloud service.

One reader stated that a client of theirs has seven business branches which use Internet Solutions’ cloud-based servers to host an SQL database, and that they were unable to access this database.

Last week, the company told MyBroadband that the restoration of its Cloud CVM had begun – but that it was taking longer than anticipated.


Following the downtime, Internet Solutions has now issued an update to Cloud CVM clients.

“Engineers have added additional hardware and resyncing is running at present,” it stated, adding that there is no estimated time for a complete resolution of the problem.

Following further questions from MyBroadband, Internet Solutions said that its Consumer Virtual Machine environment remains in the restoration process and that it anticipates a full resolution within the next 48 hours.

It also said in its update to clients that they will continue to experience intermittent connectivity during the resyncing.

“Internet Solutions has provided alternative virtual machine services, in various configurations, whereby clients can restore their backups and settings in order to continue operating,” the company said.

“We encourage any clients who are experiencing difficulties with the Consumer Virtual Machine environment to contact us as soon as possible on [email protected]

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How Internet Solutions is handling weeks of downtime on cloud service