The impressive power behind Huawei’s AI cloud platform

Huawei’s cloud services comprise an end-to-end solution from infrastructure to software, according to Huawei Cloud and Data Centre Solutions Director Marcus Tay.

Tay addressed delegates at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud Conference and explained the structure behind Huawei’s powerful cloud platform.

He said that Huawei offers cloud services, solutions, and security, and is able to cater to any segment of the cloud stack.

“As Huawei, we play in two spaces – our hyperscale Public Cloud and our Private Cloud,” Tay said.

This allows the company to offer scalable public cloud services in addition to more powerful and specialised offerings.

Tay said that when it comes to the hardware behind its cloud platform, Huawei has some of the most powerful chipsets in the world, which he attributed to the company’s investment in research and development.

“We put 15% of our revenue back into R&D,” Tay said. “That money goes into the full stack, from the chipsets at the bottom to the software at the top.”

Powerful AI

One result of this investment is the powerful AI capabilities offered by Huawei through its cloud platform.

“Huawei’s full-stack AI portfolio offers a faster platform,” Tay said. “The offering includes Atlas Development Kits and Model Arts.”

ModelArts is a one-stop AI platform which allows developers with no AI experience to train models and deploy AI applications.

Tay said that the company’s AI chipsets are exceptionally powerful, offering impressive performance across various machine learning applications.

“Our chipsets are based on RISC, and the power of our chipsets is AI-enabled,” Tay said. “Whether it is compute, storage, or network performance, our hardware has been designed as an end-to-end product.”

Huawei’s exclusive AI chips can deliver high-end performance, boasting up to 256 Trillion Operations Per Second (TOPS) for inference tasks.

The company’s latest chipsets are called the Ascend 910 and Ascend 310 and are aimed at AI applications within data centres.

Tay also announced the launch of Huawei’s GaussDB solution, which is an AI-Native Distributed Database based on ARM architecture.

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The impressive power behind Huawei’s AI cloud platform