How websites stay online on Black Friday

Black Friday is extremely popular in South Africa, with a flood of users visiting online stores to secure the best deals.

As a result, businesses need to ensure that their websites are prepared for the drastic traffic increase on Black Friday.

Several local online stores previously suffered downtime on Black Friday due to their inability to support the spike in traffic.

The easiest way to make sure that this does not happen is to ensure that your hosting partner and package are capable of dealing with this increased load.

MyBroadband spoke to and Xneelo about how they are preparing to ensure their clients do not suffer downtime on Black Friday.

Redundancy said it currently only uses about 20-30% of its hosting servers’ CPU and memory resources, which gives it capacity for the promotions run by its customers on Black Friday.

“In our Cloud and VPS environment, most customers who are running Black Friday promotions have notified us that they require a temporary resource increase for the duration of the promotion, and we are happy to facilitate these quick temporary upgrades for them,” said also has spare servers which it keeps running to ensure that if something goes wrong, it can transfer a customer’s website onto backup hardware within minutes.

Xneelo said that it is also suitably prepared for increases in traffic on Black Friday.

“At Xneelo, it will be business as usual,” said the hosting company.

“As a mass-market hosting provider, our hosting platform is continuously improved on to ensure that it has optimal resources in place to serve a broad range of customers.”

Shared hosting

However, Xneelo highlighted that clients who use shared servers and experience higher traffic volumes have the potential to disrupt the uptime of other websites on the same server.

“Knowing this, our team will be ready to divert or re-allocate resources reactively in support of all customers sharing the resources of the shared server,” said Xneelo. agreed that it is smaller businesses which tend to increase their need for resources more than larger businesses.

“Last year we noticed that it was more about smaller clients running Black Friday promotions on shared hosting than the clients on our Virtual Private Servers,” said said that this is because its Virtual Private Server customers have usually upgraded their resources in anticipation of Black Friday traffic increases.

Advice to customers recommended that all customers – including those on shared hosting – work alongside the hosting company to ensure that they are ready for Black Friday.

“For clients running Black Friday promotions, if they believe they are going to have increased clients coming to their website they should be proactive, engage with their hosting company, and even upgrade their services to packages that will accommodate the increases that they believe they will receive,” said

Xneelo also highlighted the importance of customers engaging with the hosting company if they have any issues.

“Our purpose is to empower our customers to interact online, without worrying about their website’s uptime,” said Xneelo.

“Should they need assistance during this busy retail period, we have an experienced support team available 24/7.”

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How websites stay online on Black Friday