Cloud 2020 – In conversation with Pivotal Data’s Karl Reed

Karl Reed is an experienced ICT expert who currently serves as Chief Solutions Officer at Pivotal Data.

In this capacity, he delivers a range of basic to highly complex cloud and premise-based contact centres, process automation and workflow, and enterprise-unified communication solutions.

Reed has 30 years of experience and knowledge in the fields of engineering, development, support, and into business development, sales, processes, product management, as well as complex solution design and architecting, return on investment, and deployment.

In his Cloud 2020 Online conference discussion with Aki Anastasiou, Reed talks about how the cloud has reshaped customer experience solutions to deliver improved agility and flexibility.

He also delves into the transition from traditional call centres to omnichannel platforms.

According to Reed, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that South African businesses must prepare for further disruption now.

“The number of organisations that have moved to cloud, are moving to cloud, or have put it into their strategy since March till now, has been unprecedented. I haven’t seen that amount of movement in five years,” Reed says.

The full discussion with Pivotal Data Chief Solutions Officer Karl Reed is embedded below.

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Cloud 2020 – In conversation with Pivotal Data’s Karl Reed