What you can expect to pay for Tesla’s Powerwall in South Africa

When the Tesla Powerwall lands in South Africa, you can expect to pay around R50,000 excluding VAT for a 7kWh unit – provided the rand-US dollar exchange is stable.

If the exchange rate goes beyond R14 per dollar when Powerwalls start shipping to SA, the price could increase.

Similarly, if the rand strengthens significantly against the dollar, the price could come down.

This is according to two sources in the solar energy industry, speaking about the launch of the Powerwall in South Africa.

Final pricing for the Tesla Powerwall will likely only become available closer to the battery’s Q1 2016 launch date in the country.

The Powerwall is also unlikely to be sold separately initially, since at least an inverter and an accredited installer will be needed to get a functioning energy system running.

SolarEdge will bring its StorEdge inverter system to South Africa in the coming weeks, and these will be sold in kits with the battery.

According to SolarEdge, its StorEdge system was designed specifically to work with the Tesla Powerwall.

If the exchange rate stays at around the same level it is now (R13.50), kits are expected to be priced as follows:

  • 7kWh Powerwall with 5kW SolarEdge inverter with StorEdge: R150,000 (excl. VAT)
  • 7kWh Powerwall with 6kW SolarEdge inverter with StorEdge: R170,000 (excl. VAT)

Kits that include solar panels will also be available, at an additional cost of around R50,000.

Installation by an accredited technician is expected to be in the region of R15,000.

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What you can expect to pay for Tesla’s Powerwall in South Africa