Joburg power lines do not give off harmful radiation – City Power

City Power has “strongly refuted” allegations that its infrastructure is emitting dangerous levels of radiation.

It said recent allegations made by a complainant on Facebook and YouTube regarding dangerous levels of radiation are untrue and scientific evidence shows there is “no need for panic whatsoever”.

“Internationally, electromagnetic radiation limits have been investigated and recommendations made where it is accepted that below a level of 0.0003 Teslas, there are no detectable harmful effects on people,” said City Power.

“The levels measured by the complainant are over 42-times lower than the internationally-accepted levels for which no effects can be scientifically detected.”

It said electromagnetic radiation emitted from many common items, like TV stations and microwaves, can be stronger that what was described by the complainant.

“Furthermore, the amount of electromagnetic radiation that emanates from a current-carrying conductor is set by the laws of physics and has absolutely nothing to do with how the conductor is maintained.”

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Joburg power lines do not give off harmful radiation – City Power