Which electrical appliances are the most expensive to run

Household appliances such as pool pumps and heaters can quickly ramp up your power bill, thanks to their high rates of consumption.

Devices such as hairdryers, irons, and vacuum cleaners also use a large amount of power compared to other electronics found around the home.

To see which appliances and gadgets use the most power, we took US Department of Energy usage figures and combined them with the price of electricity in South Africa.

Johannesburg’s City Power’s prepaid tariffs for residential users who consume between 1,000kWh-2,000kWh per month were used for the pricing element.

City Power currently sells electricity for R1.42 per kWh at this consumption level.

The graphic below details how much electricity common household items use, and how much they cost to run.

Appliance Power Consumption

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Which electrical appliances are the most expensive to run