Audi launches smart energy network pilot project

Audi has launched a pilot energy project with certain households in Germany which uses photovoltaic systems and stationary storage batteries.

Control software by Zurich startup Ampard distributes the homes’ solar power intelligently, based on the current or plannable demand from cars, the household, and heating systems.

A unique feature of the pilot project is that it also interacts with the power grid.

This happens over a built-in communication interface, with all systems interconnected to form a virtual power plant and a smart grid.

The connected home storage devices can then provide what is known as balancing power.

This lets them balance out the fluctuations between power generation and consumption, and stabilise the grid frequency by temporarily storing smaller amounts of energy in stationary units at short notice.

This optimises internal consumption, where operators of photovoltaic systems increase their proportion of own-use solar power while cutting their power procurement costs.

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Audi launches smart energy network pilot project