Eskom stage 4 load-shedding – Voice exchanges and mobile networks down

Earlier today Eskom initiated stage 4 load-shedding due to continued pressure on its grid.

“Since this morning we have unexpectedly lost six additional generating units which have put additional strain on the system,” said Eskom.

This has resulted in significant outages for businesses – including South Africa’s mobile networks and Internet exchanges.

According to the SAIX Notice Board, there are hundreds of voice exchange points and sites across South Africa which are suffering from downtime – impacted by a lack of electricity to these sites.

South Africa’s mobile networks have also taken to Twitter to let users know that load-shedding has impacted their services.

Cell C

After customers complained on Cell C’s Facebook page that they had no coverage in their area, Cell C said its base stations have been affected by load-shedding.

Cell C previously told MyBroadband that “operators face an incredible challenge” when load-shedding takes place.

It added that about 80% of all alarms regarding network issues are due to power outages and other power-induced failures.


Responding to numerous complaints on Twitter, Rain stated that it is experiencing connectivity issues due to load-shedding across the country.

Rain has previously said that the extra precautions it and other mobile networks must take to ensure they have adequate backup power facilities costs them substantially, and limits the network’s ability to lower data costs.


After various customers told Vodacom on Twitter that there was no coverage in their areas, Vodacom replied with the following:

Are you currently experiencing load-shedding in your surrounding areas? Load-shedding has an effect on our base stations and may cause intermittent issues.


While MTN has not referenced load-shedding affecting its network today, it previously told MyBroadband that load-shedding has forced the company to invest in generators and backup batteries.

It said that it spent over R100 million in 2018 dealing with vandalism, adding that these crimes “spike during load-shedding.”


Telkom stated that its services will be affected by load-shedding, and customers are requested to keep this in mind.

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Eskom stage 4 load-shedding – Voice exchanges and mobile networks down