Eskom’s advice to South Africa – Use gas lamps and charge your phone in your car

Eskom has started load-shedding again, with power outages taking place this past weekend.

Experts believe that Eskom needs to implement permanent load-shedding for up to a year to sort out its power grid issues.

As load-shedding is frustrating for South Africans – particularly those who have not prepared for the inevitability of power cuts – Eskom has published a fact sheet which outlines ways to be ready.

Eskom’s recommendations are detailed below.


Eskom said users must remember to charge their cellphones while the power is on.

It also highlighted that if your battery is low during load-shedding, you can use power packs or charge your phone with power from your car.

Eskom also recommended that South Africans backup their data off-site in case a hard drive crash or unforeseen electrical fault corrupts local data storage.

“Online cloud-based backups are very convenient and are mostly automated, which means that you have one less thing to worry about,” said Eskom.


Eskom recommends that South Africans invest in a small LP gas lamps as they provide good lighting over a large area.

It also recommends solar-powered security and garden lights, as these do not rely on the power grid.

A battery-powered torch or candles, stored in easy-to-find area, are also advised.

The power utility further recommends another torch be kept on your bedside table at all times, along with extra batteries.


Eskom cautioned against the safety threats posed by lit candles, however, and said you must never “leave lit candles unattended”.

Always extinguish candles before going to bed,” said Eskom.

The power utility added that South Africans ensure they have surge protectors in place, as they prevent damage caused by power outages.

It is further recommended that your oven is switched off, if it was on when load-shedding began.

Knowing where the manual release lever is for your electric garage door and making sure you have your house keys on you are additional pieces of advice.


Eskom recommended that South Africans keep boiled water in a thermos flasks during power outages.

It also suggested keeping frozen bottled water in your freezer to help keep food cold.

Most medication that needs to be refrigerated can be kept in a closed fridge for several hours, stated Eskom.

Fact sheet

The Eskom fact sheet is shown below.

Eskom List

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Eskom’s advice to South Africa – Use gas lamps and charge your phone in your car