Load-shedding – What you can expect from Eskom this winter

Eskom will continue to implement stage 2 load-shedding on Monday 13 July, following a whole weekend of blackouts.

The utility said it did not make sufficient progress to return additional generation units to service to suspend load-shedding.

This comes only weeks after Eskom told South Africans they can expect only three days of stage 1 load-shedding this winter, which should occur late in July.

This raises the question of how the power utility’s outlook has changed and what South Africans can expect for the rest of winter.

An Eskom spokesperson told MyBroadband they have always said they expected three days of load-shedding this winter.

However, Eskom said, load-shedding cannot be completely ruled out due to the unreliability of the generators.

The spokesperson said people can expect a severely constrained generation system for the rest of winter.

“Eskom is doing everything it can to see the back of load-shedding, which has been a factor of South African life for the past 13 years,” Eskom said.

Return to load-shedding slated

Eskom’s return to load-shedding and its requests that South Africans reduce power consumptions have been slated.

“This is when it hits home that South Africa is going backwards at a rapid pace,” said Sygnia CEO Magda Wierzycka.

“I am so tired of excuses, lack of coherent growth strategies, corrupt system, lack of inclusion of people who want to help,” she said.

Wierzycka added that load-shedding has a direct impact on people’s ability to work from home.

“If it continues during this tough period businesses will have no choice but to recall staff back to the office where there are generators,” she said.

IRR Chief of Staff John Endres said the load-shedding is part of the “rhythm of life in a slowly failing state” in South Africa.

“Something breaks, people adjust. Another thing breaks, people adjust again. Things keep breaking and people keep adjusting,” he said.

“We lose sight of how far things have already decayed and what lies ahead.”

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Load-shedding – What you can expect from Eskom this winter