What’s Next – In conversation with Chris Yelland, Andrada Manu, and Jaco du Plooy

In this special episode of What’s Next, Aki Anastasiou talks to three of the top energy experts to unpack the state of the energy industry in South Africa, which is in crisis.

Demand for electricity continues to increase, which is adding strain to Eskom’s fragile electricity grid.

There is also a global drive to phase out fossil fuels and alternative reliable energy sources are therefore being considered for the future – including those that don’t require sunlight or wind to function efficiently.

The interview starts with Chris Yelland, Managing Director at EE Business Intelligence, explaining the current state of South Africa’s power grid.

Yelland says South Africans are forced to look for alternative energy sources to continue their daily operations during load-shedding.

In the second part of the interview, Andrada Manu, National Product Manager for Eaton at Mustek Limited, unpacks the various alternative energy options that are available.

Manu also provides examples of how these alternative energy options can be implemented by households and businesses.

The interview concludes with Jaco Du Plooy, Eaton Product Manager for Africa, discussing the challenges and solutions of the alternative energy options that were detailed by Manu.

Du Plooy also details the relationship between Mustek and Eaton, as well as their strategy for the future – with a particular focus placed on addressing long term energy challenges.

The full interview is embedded below. You can watch all What’s Next with Aki Anastasiou interviews here.

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What’s Next – In conversation with Chris Yelland, Andrada Manu, and Jaco du Plooy