Tesla Powerwall — Price and availability in South Africa

The Tesla Powerwall is a premium backup power solution that can help avoid load-shedding and save electricity costs, and it is currently available for R159,300 in South Africa.

This AC backup battery boasts 13.5kWh of usable capacity, more than enough to last the average South African household for the duration of load-shedding.

It can provide a peak output of 7kW and continuous output of 5kW to power numerous light and medium loads, such as computers, monitors, TVs, lights, fans, and refrigerators, over many hours.

It can also handle heavier loads, like heaters and washing machines, over shorter periods.

The solution is scalable, allowing you to stack up to 10 together to provide much greater capacity, ideal for larger households or small businesses.

It stores energy generated from a home’s solar installation or the electricity grid. It then discharges that energy to appliances when the sun is down or when grid power is unavailable.

It is capable of detecting outages to start feeding electricity into your home automatically.

Tesla also offers an app that allows for convenient remote control and analytics on the system’s performance.

In South Africa, it is sold through the Tesla South Africa website, where its price can fluctuate based on the value of the rand.

The current cost of the solution is shown in the table below. It does not include the price of installation.

Tesla Powerwall – South African pricing
Powerwall R140,000
Supporting hardware R19,300
Total R159,300

The first generation of the Powerwall was so popular in South Africa that it sold out in 2018, with many units scooped up as quickly as stock landed.

Fortunately, sustainable energy company Rubicon Group, the official local distributor of Tesla products, started selling the Powerwall 2 in December 2019.

Rubicon chief product officer, Neil Roche, told MyBroadband demand for the Powerwall 2 has outstripped supply both locally and internationally

“Tesla recently confirmed a product backlog of 80,000 units worldwide and a current quarterly production capacity of only about 30,000 pieces due to the global semiconductor shortages,” Roche said.

“Locally, the product has been very successful with high demand. We have been able to secure more stock and have about 260 units arriving in late October, around half of which is pre-sold so far,” Roche said.

Tesla Powerwall
Tesla Powerwall 2

Those familiar with the solar and battery market will know there are alternative backup power systems that offer the same or more storage at a fraction of the price of a Tesla Powerwall.

For example, you could buy a Fusion 8kW Inverter paired with 14.4kWh of Fusion battery storage for R103,348.

However, solutions like these can have complex installations that require additional equipment and expertise.

All Powerwalls are fitted by Tesla-certified technicians, designed to be more “plug-and-play”, and installable with minimal disruption.

Tesla has also established a proven track record for making high-quality electric batteries, both in its vehicles and large-scale applications such as its Megapack systems.

Tesla provides a 10-year warranty for the Powerwall, under which it will replace the unit if it does not retain a minimum of 70% capacity over this period.

While several reputable backup battery brands are available in South Africa, consumers must be wary of fly-by-nights that don’t offer these types of warranties.

Two Powerwall 2 owners who previously spoke to MyBroadband praised the compact design in particular. One was even able to install it in a cupboard in his house.

The elegant design and protective features of the Powerwall mean you don’t have to hide it away like some other bulky systems.

It also supports floor or wall mounting and is pet and child friendly.

With water and dustproof certification and the ability to handle temperatures ranging between -20°C up to 50°C, the Powerwall can also be installed outdoors.

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Tesla Powerwall — Price and availability in South Africa