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Get affordable solar power for your business – without any capital costs

SolarAfrica Energy was founded in 2011 to help South African businesses benefit from solar power without breaking the bank.

It has seen a sharp rise in demand for its suite of Capex-free green energy solutions and is committed now more than ever to making renewable energy affordable and accessible, enabling a stable power supply for local businesses.

The availability and reliability of these solar solutions is a cornerstone of the company’s success, and are particularly relevant as sustained load-shedding and the rising costs of diesel take their toll.

Load-shedding has cost the business sector a huge amount of money, pulling systems offline, causing equipment to fail, generating increased product wastage costs and penalties for delayed goods.

By switching to SolarAfrica’s solar and battery storage solutions, local businesses can negate these problems and keep their operations running smoothly.

SolarAfrica’s Capex-free solutions

Solar and storage make the perfect partnership as battery storage enhances solar power beyond its daytime capabilities creating a multitude of possibilities.

With SolarAfrica you have the option of a 5 to 25-year PPA for the solar system.

A PPA is an arrangement that includes the rental of its solar power infrastructure at no cost, you only pay for the energy that you use.

The price of this solar energy is up to 50% cheaper than what you’ll pay when using the national power grid, making it easy for your business to take control of your energy use, save money on electricity bills and achieve your sustainability goals.

For an uninterrupted power supply that combats load shedding, you will require battery storage. SolarAfrica offers battery storage solutions that are based on a lease of up to 10 years.

Under a lease agreement, you get battery storage for a fixed monthly instalment which includes the installation, monitoring, and maintenance, and you receive the full benefits of a storage system.

So you can secure your energy needs, generation and storage, with no CAPEX.

It is clear that SolarAfrica has covered everything through its green energy solutions – letting you focus on your important business processes and not worry about constant power outages.

Your Green Energy Journey

Businesses that partner with SolarAfrica benefit from the company’s holistic approach to renewable energy solutions that are designed to save costs, provide power security and enable carbon reduction to meet global ESG targets.

Their holistic energy solutions are tailored to not only meet your current power requirements but rather to take your business on a green energy journey that will solve your power struggles both now and for years to come.

Whether you require an onsite solar solution now with the aim to be completely energy self-sufficient in 5 years’ time, they map out the steps and solutions required to get your business where it needs to be.

Become a solar-powered business

Relying on the national grid is a major business risk that can harm your operations and reduce customer satisfaction.

Smart businesses are therefore switching to solar power and battery backup solutions  – and SolarAfrica offers an affordable way to do this.

Click here to learn more about SolarAfrica’s energy solutions.

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Get affordable solar power for your business – without any capital costs