Eskom changes load-shedding schedule

Eskom chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer said load-shedding would remain at stage 2 on Tuesday, 15 November 2022, rather than increasing to stage 3 at 16:00 as previously communicated.

Responding to questions from journalists at Eskom’s latest state of the system briefing, Oberholzer said Eskom initially decided to implement stage 3 load-shedding over the first two evenings of the week to allow sufficient time to refill its pumped storage reserves.

“We have had sufficient time now to refill our dams. [They are] not 100% full, but we recovered quite a lot in terms of filling the upper dams of the pumped storage [schemes], and we didn’t use any diesel,” he said.

That meant it was no longer necessary to implement stage 3 load-shedding on Tuesday evening.

“I am pleased to announce that the decision has been made that we will continue with stage 2 load-shedding up until 16:00 tomorrow afternoon,” Oberholzer said.

“So, we will not implement stage 3 load-shedding this afternoon starting at 16:00.”

He added that the system had performed “relatively well” since 16:00 on Monday, 14 November.

Oberholzer did not elaborate on the load-shedding schedule beyond 16:00 on Wednesday, 16 November 2022.

Update (15 Nov) — Stage 3 on Wednesday night

In a subsequent statement on Tuesday, Eskom said that stage 3 load-shedding would now be implemented during the evening on Wednesday, 16 November 2022, and early morning hours of Thursday, 17 November 2022.

“At 16:00 on Wednesday until 05:00 on Thursday, stage 3 load-shedding will be implemented,” Eskom said. “Thereafter, it drops back to Stage 2 again until further notice.”

Update (16 Nov) — Repeating stage 2/3 cycle until further notice

On Wednesday, 16 November, Eskom issued an update announcing that it would continue the same stage 2 / stage 3 load-shedding schedule until further notice.

The table below summarises Eskom’s load-shedding schedule. The Thursday schedule will be repeated until further notice.

Load-shedding schedule for 15–17+ November 2022
Date Day Start time End time Stage
15 November 2022 Tuesday 16:00 24:00 2
16 November 2022 Wednesday 00:00 16:00 2
16:00 24:00 3
17 November 2022 Thursday 00:00 05:00 3
05:00 16:00 2
16:00 24:00 3
18 November 2022 Friday 00:00 05:00 3
05:00 16:00 2
16:00 24:00 3

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Eskom changes load-shedding schedule