Eskom publishes weekend load-shedding schedule — with a brief break on Sunday

Eskom has published the load-shedding schedule for the weekend, which will see various stages of power cuts up to Stage 3 on Saturday and Sunday and Stage 4 on Monday.

Stage 3 load-shedding will continue until 05:00 on Saturday, 9 December, followed by Stage 2 until 16:00.

“Due to the improved generation capacity available and the lower weekend demand, Stage 3 load-shedding will continue to be implemented until 05:00 on Saturday morning,” said Eskom

“Thereafter, Stage 2 load-shedding will be implemented until 16:00.”

It also plans to suspend load-shedding between 05:00 and 16:00 on Sunday, 10 December.

The power utility said it would communicate any changes to the schedule should they be required.

It currently has 7,321MW of generating capacity offline for planned maintenance, with a further 13,461MW unavailable due to breakdowns.

“Approximately 2,100MW of generating capacity is anticipated to return to service by Monday morning,” said Eskom.

The state-owned power utility predicts an evening peak demand of 26,290MW over the weekend, and it thanked those who make the effort to reduce their energy consumption.

“This lowers demand and helps in alleviating the pressure on the power system and contributes to lower stages of load-shedding,” it added.

The load-shedding schedule from Friday, 8 December 2023, until Monday, 11 December, is provided in the table below.

Load-shedding from 8 December 2023
Date Day Daytime
Evening peak
8 December Friday Stage 3 Stage 3
9 December Saturday Stage 2 Stage 3
10 December Sunday Suspended Stage 3
11 December Monday Stage 3 Stage 4

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Eskom publishes weekend load-shedding schedule — with a brief break on Sunday