This is how South Africans are dealing with load-shedding

South African technology professionals are most commonly relying on rechargeable lightbulbs and gas appliances to deal with Eskom’s rotational power cuts.

This is according to a recent Analytico survey of South African tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, and executives on what they use for backup power.

While there has been a surge in solar, battery, and inverter sales in the past few years, rechargeable lightbulbs and gas appliances are accessible across more income brackets.

Most of the respondents to the survey have made some plans to combat power outages.

88% have some sort of load-shedding backup in their homes, and half have rechargeable lights.

These can be installed in place of regular lightbulbs. They can be turned on and off with a standard wall switch and used as a portable flashlight in an emergency.

The second most popular solution is having gas appliances, with 46% of the respondents saying they use gas for some household functions.

Inverter installations came in at third place, with 45% having an inverter installed.

Many home inverter installations include solar panels, but only a few are totally off-grid.

Power banks and flashlights are also common, with nearly half of the respondents using them as a backup.

26% of respondents keep candles for when the power is out and they need light.

The story looks a little different when it comes to people’s working environments.

Only 72% of the respondents said they have some backup plan for when the power is out at their offices.

The most popular solution here is a generator, with nearly half of all respondents having a generator at their office.

Fewer offices have inverter installations at only 34%, but more of these installations are off-grid compared to people’s homes.

Smaller solutions such as rechargeable lights, power banks, portable power stations and flashlights are not very popular in office environments.

This is likely because there is usually enough capital and scale to install a large enough generator or inverter capable of helping everyone in the building.

The graphs below show the popularity of various backup options for homes and offices.

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This is how South Africans are dealing with load-shedding