200Mbps fibre-to-the-business with free calls

Cybersmart has added new products to its existing fibre-to-the-business (FTTB) range, which includes a 200Mbps service with unlimited free calls.

In December 2014 Cybersmart unveiled its Lightspeed++ service, offering 150Mbps uncapped FTTB and unlimited calls for R15,999 (Ex VAT) per month.

The success of this service encouraged the company to launch new FTTB products, offering speeds of 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and 200Mbps.

These new Cybersmart FTTB (Internet only) and FTTB++ (Internet and free calls) products are aimed at businesses in multi-tenanted buildings and business parks.

The service offers symmetrical bandwidth, 1:1 local and 1:15 international contention ratios, and unlimited free mobile and fixed line calls.

The service comes with 5 phone lines and 5 regional numbers, which means that it can supports 5 concurrent calls at a time.

The pricing for Cybersmart’s FTTB++ service is as follows:

  • 50Mbps FTTB++ with uncapped data, unlimited calls – R7,999 (Ex VAT)
  • 100Mbps FTTB++ with uncapped data, unlimited calls – R9,999 (Ex VAT)
  • 150Mbps FTTB++ with uncapped data, unlimited calls – R12,999 (Ex VAT)
  • 200Mbps FTTB++ with uncapped data, unlimited calls – R19,999 (Ex VAT)

The fibre-only option (FTTB), which excludes unlimited calls, costs:

  • 20Mbps FTTB with uncapped data – R2,899 (Ex VAT)
  • 50Mbps FTTB with uncapped data – R4,999 (Ex VAT)
  • 100Mbps FTTB with uncapped data – R7,999 (Ex VAT)
  • 200Mbps FTTB with uncapped data – R14,999 (Ex VAT)

Cybersmart CEO Laurie Fialkov highlighted that this is an Ethernet service, and is available in over 200 buildings in their coverage area.

“Our fibre-to-the-business service gets installed within 7 days or sooner and there are no setup costs,” said Fialkov.

Cybersmart FTTB product range

The table below provides an overview of Cybersmart’s fibre-to-the-business product range.

Cybersmart business fibre prices
Business type Multi-tenant building (FTTB and FTTB++) Standalone business (Lightspeed and Lightspeed++)
Fibre speed FTTB (Internet online) FTTB++ (Internet and free calls) Lightspeed (Internet online) Lightspeed++ (Internet and free calls)
20Mbps R2,899
50Mbps R4,999 R7,999 R8,999
100Mbps R7,999 R9,999 R11,999
150Mbps R12,999 R15,999
200Mbps R14,999 R19,999 R17,999

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200Mbps fibre-to-the-business with free calls