New fibre-to-the-business packages launched in Cape Town

Century City Connect has announced that Internet service providers have launched new fibre-to-the-business packages using its fibre network.

ISPs are offering uncapped business packages with line speeds ranging from 4 Mbps to 100Mbps, starting at R599 per month.

“With these new packages we aim to reach each and every business in this precinct to enable them to enjoy the endless benefits of high-speed connectivity,” said operations manager Hein de Swardt

Century City Connect, he said, had gone on risk and deployed fibre to 90% of Century City businesses and was continuing to roll out fibre on an ongoing basis.

“At this stage it is only available in Century City, but we are exploring expanding our footprint to other areas in the Western Cape where interest has been shown.”

“All packages offer low contention ratios with an option of symmetrical and asymmetrical speeds,” he said.

The uncapped FTTB packages are detailed in the table below.

Uncapped FTTB Prices
Provider Line Speed Data Price (Exl VAT)
Macrolan 4Mbps Uncapped R 599
Comtel 4Mbps Uncapped R 749
Enhanced Internet 4Mbps Uncapped R 799
VO Connect 4Mbps Uncapped R 990
Vox (Powered by Frogfoot) 4Mbps Uncapped R 999
Mweb 4Mbps Uncapped R 1 043
eNetworks 4Mbps Uncapped R 1 045
Internet Solutions 4Mbps Uncapped R 1 049
Comtel 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 295
Enhanced Internet 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 299
Macrolan 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 299
VO Connect 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 465
Vox (Powered by Frogfoot) 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 499
Mweb 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 543
eNetworks 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 545
Internet Solutions 10Mbps Uncapped R 1 549
Comtel 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 145
Vox (Powered by Frogfoot) 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 199
Enhanced Internet 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 299
VO Connect 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 324
eNetworks 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 445
Mweb 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 447
Internet Solutions 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 449
Macrolan 20Mbps Uncapped R 2 499
Comtel 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 495
VO Connect 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 557
Enhanced Internet 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 599
eNetworks 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 745
Mweb 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 745
Internet Solutions 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 749
Macrolan 40Mbps Uncapped R 3 999
Enhanced 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 499
Macrolan 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 499
VO Connect 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 499
Vox (Powered by Frogfoot) 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 499
Mweb 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 789
eNetworks 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 795
Internet Solutions 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 799
Comtel 60Mbps Uncapped R 5 995
Macrolan 80Mbps Uncapped R 6 999
VO Connect 80Mbps Uncapped R 6 999
Enhanced Internet 80Mbps Uncapped R 7 299
Mweb 80Mbps Uncapped R 7 368
eNetworks 80Mbps Uncapped R 7 395
Internet Solutions 80Mbps Uncapped R 7 399
Comtel 80Mbps Uncapped R 7 995
VO Connect 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 332
Vox (Powered by Frogfoot) 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 549
Enhanced Internet 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 599
Mweb 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 771
eNetworks 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 795
Internet Solutions 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 799
Macrolan 100Mbps Uncapped R 8 999
Comtel 100Mbps Uncapped R 9 995

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New fibre-to-the-business packages launched in Cape Town