FTTH last-mile through your water pipes – in photos

Greencom, a broadband provider which has partnered with Metrofibre Networx, has successfully tested a water pipe-based fibre “home drop” system.

Made by the Craley group, Greencom tested the Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series solution in the Dainfern Golf and Residential Estate.

“The attractiveness of the Atlantis Hydrotec solution is the fact that it enables us to effectively fix the price of the home drop,” said Paul Colmer, Greencom’s Technical Director.

“It is fairly simple for us to predict how much it will cost to pass a property, however, it is that final home drop that brings with it so many challenges and uncertainties.”

Colmer said each home drop can almost be viewed as a separate project, as you never know what challenges you will come across – such as long driveways, cobblestones, setts, or rocks.

“And that’s before you consider the possibility of striking other services.”

Greencom provided the photos below to show how an Atlantis Hydrotec fibre installation would be done.

Excavation and exposure of the water pipe, plus the removal of a 60mm section of pipe so the Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series fitting can be inserted.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec intstalltion step one expose water pipe

Pipe ends are cleaned, couplings and pipe grabber rings are put in place.

Not shown are the pipe stiffeners which are then inserted.

Atlantis and Greencom noted that all parts are sterilised in accordance with the Atlantis Hydrotec Installation Procedures before beginning the installation.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec couplings and pipe grabber rings

The Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series Y-Branch fitting is installed at the home end.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec Y-Branch fitting

An Atlantis Hydrotec-approved microduct is prepared for insertion.

Craley highlighted the end cap to prevent anything entering the duct.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec micro duct

The microduct is then inserted by hand-pushing through the Atlantis Hydrotec Y-Branch fitting.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec micro duct installation

An Atlantis Hydrotec Bulkhead Adaptor is then placed over the end of the microduct, inserted into the Y-Branch, and the retaining cap tightened.

This creates a gas-tight seal which isolates the inside of the pipe from the outside environment.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec bulkhead adaptor installation

This completes the installation of the home end fitting.

A microduct is then installed within the water pipe on the meter end, where the pipe has already been prepared and a 60mm section removed to allow for the insertion of the opposing Atlantis Hydrotec Y-Branch.

The microduct runs within the water pipe between the two Y-Branches, creating a “pipe-within-a-pipe” in which the fibre optic cable can be installed.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec finalised intstallation close-up

Direct-bury microduct inserted into the Atlantis Hydrotec D-Series Y-Branch creating a continuous microduct from the street cabinet to the home.

Greencom Atlantis Hydratec intstalltion feed microduct

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FTTH last-mile through your water pipes – in photos