Behind the scenes at Telkom’s Guinness World Record movie marathon

Telkom is currently running an event to facilitate an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest concurrent time spent watching movies, as part of its Boltspeed Fibre campaign.

The current record stands at 120 hours 23 minutes, and is held by Canadian Suresh Joachim – who is competing against a number of South Africans hoping to take his title.

10 South Africans took up the challenge, but 7 have already fallen out of the race.

To make the event happen, Telkom rolled out fibre broadband infrastructure to the venue at The Sheds in Johannesburg. Telkom’s set-up is shown below.

A 500Mbps fibre link runs to the venue from the nearest exchange. It is then split into 100Mbps lines.

Telkom Movie Maraton incoming fibre distribution tray stripped

Three of the 100Mbps links are used for:

  • Telkom’s simulated smart home installation, referred to as “the crib”, which is on display at the venue.
  • The Wi-Fi network for spectators.
  • Streaming movies in HD quality to two screens.

200Mbps of capacity is kept in reserve.

The fibre runs into a SAS-E switch, from where it is distributed.

Telkom Movie Marathon SAS-E and Cisco fibre router stripped

A power bank is used to ensure all the equipment has the electricity it needs.

Telkom Movie Marathon power bank stripped

Over the course of the 130 hour event, Telkom expects 1.3TB of data to be consumed from streaming movies.

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

Four 1080p movie streams with stereo sound consume about 25Mbps at a constant bit rate.

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

Two streams are sent to HD projectors from a single PC, while the two others are backups in case something goes wrong with the main streams.

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

A desk is used to mix the sound.

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

Contenders are monitored constantly to ensure they comply with the rules of the record-setting attempt.

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

Telkom Movie Marathon AV equipment

Telkom movie marathon

Thanks to Telkom for arranging access to the information and photographs.

The South Africans trying to break a Guinness World Record with Telkom

Telkom trying to break Guinness World Record with its fibre service

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Behind the scenes at Telkom’s Guinness World Record movie marathon