The one big problem with Afrihost fibre-to-the-home products

Afrihost launched its first fibre-to-the-home products recently, offering capped and uncapped data packages to consumers with Telkom fibre access.

There is, however, one big problem with these products – you cannot purchase a stand-alone Telkom fibre line which is needed to use the FTTH products.

Afrihost states that “you’ll need a Telkom Fibre Line – sometimes referred to as Boltspeed Fibre – before you can sign up for an Afrihost Data Package”.

These Telkom Fibre lines, also known as Wholesale Fibre Broadband Access, are sold to Internet service providers by Openserve.

Telkom, like other ISPs, does not sell stand-alone fibre lines. All ISPs – including MWEB, Telkom, Webafrica, and Vox Telecom – sell bundled packages which include FTTH access and data.

This means that anyone looking to use Afrihost’s FTTH products will need to purchase an FTTH bundle from another ISP, because Afrihost does not offer fibre access from Openserve.

Afrihost confirmed that you will have to purchase a bundled fibre and data product from a competing ISP to use its FTTH products.

This defeats the purpose of using Afrihost as an FTTH data provider, because the required FTTH packages all include data already.

Afrihost CEO explains

Afrihost CEO Gian Visser said there was confusion around the company’s “fibre launch”.

“We never intended to launch anything just yet. All we were trying to convey on our website was that if you have an existing fibre line and router with Telkom, then you can use any of our capped or uncapped data packages,” said Visser.

“We never specifically let MyBroadband know about our launch, and this was the reason,” said Visser.

“We already have many clients using our data on their Telkom fibre, and this has been working for some time in this way.”

“We just wanted to educate our clients and future clients via our website that they could still make use of our data products even if they had Telkom fibre.”

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The one big problem with Afrihost fibre-to-the-home products