New Axxess fibre-to-the-home prices revealed

Axxess has released its fibre-to-the-home prices, with line speeds ranging between 4Mbps and 100Mbps. Axxess is using Telkom’s fibre network to offer its FTTH products.

Axxess’s fibre line pricing starts at R399 for a 4Mbps FTTH line, and increases to R799 for a 100Mbps line.

“If you have a fibre line with us, you can still use data from another Internet service provider,” said Axxess.

Axxess if offering subscribers a range of capped FTTH accounts and premium uncapped accounts between 4Mbps and 100Mbps.

There is a once-off installation fee of R1,710, which Axxess will cover for clients purchasing Fibre Combos.

Should a client cancel their service at any time, though, Axxess will debit the client with the installation fee initially covered.

More details about Axxess’s FTTH service are available here.

Axxess’s fibre-to-the-home prices

To use Axxess’s FTTH service, users will need a fibre line and a capped or uncapped data account.

Users can purchase these products separately, or combine their fibre line and data account – which comes with a discount.

The table below shows Axxess’s new fibre-to-the-home prices.

Axxess FTTH Prices
Account Price p/m
Fibre Lines
4Mbps R399
8Mbps R459
10Mbps R499
20Mbps R599
40Mbps R699
100Mbps R799
Capped Accounts (No Fibre Line)
10GB R29
20GB R46
40GB R89
60GB R123
100GB R189
150GB R289
200GB R379
300GB R569
400GB R699
500GB R899
600GB R999
800GB R1,299
1,000GB R1,599
Uncapped Accounts (No Fibre Line)
4Mbps R325
8Mbps R455
10Mbps R495
20Mbps R955
40Mbps R1,295
100Mbps R3,399

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New Axxess fibre-to-the-home prices revealed