Fastest fibre download speeds in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test results show that BitCo had the fastest average download speed of all fibre-based ISPs over the past month.

MyBroadband’s speed test servers make use of Ookla’s platform and are hosted in Teraco’s vendor-neutral data centres in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Through NAPAfrica, all network operators at its peering points are provided with a free 1Gbps connection to the MyBroadband speed test platform.

MyBroadband filters speed tests based on network information from Internet service providers to ensure accurate, real-world results.

The table below shows the fibre ISPs with the fastest average download speeds, based on over 9,000 speed tests.

Rank ISP Download Speed Upload Speed
1 BitCo 859.7 Mbps 855.04 Mbps
2 XDSL 834.16 Mbps 692.92 Mbps
3 RSAWEB 636.9 Mbps 794.81 Mbps
4 MTN Business 431.91 Mbps 590.7 Mbps
5 Infinity Fibre 94.46 Mbps 28.23 Mbps
6 SEACOM 87.9 Mbps 92.22 Mbps
7 MWEB 68.26 Mbps 7.41 Mbps
8 iConnect 50.01 Mbps 43.97 Mbps
9 Axxess 46.1 Mbps 33.89 Mbps
10 Cool Ideas 40.35 Mbps 37.11 Mbps

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Fastest fibre download speeds in South Africa