New Vodacom uncapped fibre deals – all the details you need to know

Vodacom has launched uncapped fibre price plans on third-party fibre networks, with speeds ranging from 4Mbps to 100Mbps.

Both its uncapped and existing capped offerings are available as month-to-month, 12-month, or-24 month deals, with networks like Fibrehoods, Openserve, and Vumatel supporting the Vodacom products.

As with most uncapped broadband packages, there are fair usage policies which must be taken into account. Month-to-month deals also require users to pay in a once-off fee.

MyBroadband spoke to Vodacom about the terms and conditions of its fibre deals – as detailed below.

The details

First up, the fair use policies of the uncapped packages.

“When the FUP limit is reached, the line speed is reduced to 2Mbps for the remainder of the month,” said Vodacom.

The fair use policy limits are:

  • 10Mbps – 300GB
  • 20Mbps – 500GB
  • 25Mbps – 500GB
  • 40Mbps – 1,100GB
  • 50Mbps – 1,100GB
  • 100Mbps – 2,200GB

Certain contracts also incur once-off charges, while there is an installation fee on the Vumatel network.

“On the Vumatel network, the customer remains responsible for the installation fee of R1,710, while the installation is free on all other networks,” said Vodacom.

Vodacom Fibre packages on a 12-month and month-to-month basis have a once-off activation fee of R499 and R999 (R899 for Vodacom self-built network) respectively.

“The service activation is free on 24-month contracts.”

Top-up bundles

For users who need additional data during the month, Vodacom sells top-up data bundles – priced as follows:

  • 20GB – R120
  • 50GB – R200
  • 100GB – R250
  • 200GB – R300
  • 500GB – R500

Vodacom Fibre Pricing

Network Line speed (Mbps) Monthly Allocation/Uncapped (GB) Monthly Subscription
Vumatel 4Mbps 100 R449
20Mbps 200 R749
20Mbps Uncap R799
50Mbps 400 R1,049
50Mbps Uncap R1,099
100Mbps 600 R1,399
100Mbps Uncap R1,499
Openserve 4Mbps 25 R449
10Mbps 100 R649
10Mbps Uncap R799
20Mbps 200 R949
20Mbps Uncap R1,499
40Mbps 300 R1,149
40Mbps Uncap R1,999
100Mbps 500 R1,599
100Mbps Uncap R2,499
Fibrehoods 10Mbps 100 R599
20Mbps 200 R699
50Mbps 300 R799
50Mbps Uncap R899
100Mbps 1000 R949
100Mbps Uncap R1,099
Century City Connect 10Mbps 100 R549
10Mbps Uncap R599
20Mbps 200 R699
20Mbps Uncap R799
50Mbps 300 R849
50Mbps Uncap R899
100Mbps 500 R949
100Mbps Uncap R999
MetroFibre 10Mbps 100 R579
10Mbps Uncap R679
25Mbps 200 R729
25Mbps Uncap R829
50Mbps 300 R899
50Mbps Uncap R1,049
100Mbps 500 R1,299
100Mbps Uncap R1,449
SADV 10Mbps 50 R529
10Mbps Uncap R629
20Mbps 200 R729
20Mbps Uncap R849
50Mbps 300 R929
50Mbps Uncap R1,049
100Mbps 500 R1,399
100Mbps Uncap R1,549

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New Vodacom uncapped fibre deals – all the details you need to know