Truly impressive fibre-to-the-home installation from Openserve

We recently ordered an Openserve fibre-to-the-home service through Afrihost, and in less than a week the connection was installed and active.

What is particularly impressive is that Openserve faced a few challenges with the installation, which included a clogged conduit that made pulling the fibre difficult.

The installation involved multiple parties – Afrihost as an ISP, Openserve as the fibre infrastructure provider, and a contractor to solve the installation problems.

Despite the complications which a multi-party installation brings, it happened within days.

The timeline below provides an overview of the fibre ordering and installation process.

  • Monday 29 May – We ordered a fibre-to-the-home service from Afrihost to replace an existing 2Mbps ADSL service.
  • Tuesday 30 May – Openserve calls, asking if there will be a person at home on Wednesday for the fibre installation.
  • Wednesday 31 May – Openserve arrives in the morning, but discovers that the conduits are blocked – making it impossible to pull the fibre to the house. They call contractors to assist with the blocked conduits.
  • Thursday 1 June – Openserve and a contractor arrives in the morning to assess the blocked conduits. They build a plan of action, and say they will do the installation on Friday.
  • Friday 2 June – Openserve and the contractor work together to resolve the problems, and the fibre installation is completed.

The Openserve technician did exceptionally professional work, and ensured that the installation was neat and performed well.

If this is a sign of things to come from Openserve, it bodes well for the company’s ambition to remain the top fibre-to-the-home provider in South Africa.

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Truly impressive fibre-to-the-home installation from Openserve