Fibre installers being robbed at gunpoint and hijacked

The fibre industry has been plagued by robberies and hijacking for some time, the FTTH Council Africa has revealed in a new white paper.

However, the situation has deteriorated recently – with people’s lives threatened and gunshots fired while workers were attending to maintenance tasks next to public roads.

“Based on similarities in the different incidents, it would appear that there are syndicates at work, targeting specific items used in the fibre industry,” stated the paper.

“These attacks are well organised, possibly with help from within the industry.”

Stolen equipment registry

To combat the problem, the FTTH Council Africa said it would maintain a page on its website that lists the details of equipment which was reported stolen.

“Whilst there is a genuine need for second-hand or used equipment, it is often difficult to determine whether equipment on offer in the second-hand market has a legitimate background,” said the council.

With its public database of stolen equipment, anyone will be able to reference equipment serial numbers to ensure items were not stolen.

This will eliminate the value of stolen equipment as it will not be tolerated in the industry.

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Fibre installers being robbed at gunpoint and hijacked