Why fibre installations take longer on certain networks

The excitement of your fibre order being processed by an ISP can be met with frustration as you wait for the connection to be installed.

To help users set realistic expectations following the placement of an order, Afrihost now displays expected installation time frames based on which fibre infrastructure provider is selected.

The estimates are based on the lead times given to Afrihost by providers and the general average it sees in day-to-day operations.

“The install time is based on the time an order is placed with us and final installation on the client’s premises. It does not include activation, as these processes do not always run concurrently,” said Afrihost.

Afrihost said each fibre provider has its own business model and resource constraints, while certain providers may open orders at different stages.

“Providers who only open orders when the area is fully installed will appear faster than providers who make signup available when they are earlier in the roll-out phase,” said Afrihost.

“Also, we see installations at complexes complete much faster than free-standing homes, as there are more complications with regard to municipal permits and damage to pavements.”

Installation times

Factors that affect turnaround time once a fibre order is placed include obtaining municipal permits, getting consent from body corporates, getting power to equipment, dealing with residents’ objections, and trenching delays – such as avoiding water and power infrastructure.

“There are also many other unforeseen issues which may cause delays, such as clogged sewer pipes where that infrastructure is used,” said Afrihost.

The installation times on Afrihost’s website are detailed below. Installation lead times are a guide, based on averages, and may vary.

Fibre Install Times
Fibre Provider Average Installation Time
Connectivity Services at Steyn City 7 working days
Century City Connect 7 working days
Vumatel 7 working days
Teralink Networks 7 working days
Fibrehoods 7 working days
Evotel 7 working days
Evotel North Riding 7 working days
Maboneng Light Speed Internet 2 weeks
Metrofibre Networx 2 weeks
SA Digital Villages Complexes 2 weeks
SA Digital Villages Suburbia 2 weeks
Openserve 4 weeks
Octotel 6 weeks
Frogfoot 6 weeks
Mitsol 6 weeks
TT Connect 12 weeks

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Why fibre installations take longer on certain networks