Afrihost to cut its Openserve fibre prices

Afrihost will be cutting its Openserve fibre-to-the-home prices from next month, and will also add more capacity to its network.

This follows an announcement by Openserve that it will reduce the price of its IP Connect (IPC) service by 25% from 1 August.

Openserve will also implement speed increases and price reductions across its Openserve Fibre Broadband (OFB) portfolio of wholesale offerings.

“Our 2Mbps and 8Mbps offerings will be upgraded to 4Mbps and 10Mbps respectively. These migrations will occur free of charge,” Openserve said.

Afrihost said all its existing Openserve fibre clients will automatically enjoy the lower prices from 1 August 2017.

“On top of this anyone who signs up for an Openserve Fibre product with us will qualify for free setup, activation, and router,” said Afrihost director Greg Payne.

The company will also use the Openserve wholesale price reductions to add more capacity to its network, which will benefit their ADSL and FTTH subscribers.

Afrihost’s new capped and uncapped Openserve fibre prices are listed in the tables below.

Afrihost Openserve Uncapped Prices
Service Download Speed Upload Speed Price
Home 4Mbps 2Mbps R 497.00
Premium 4Mbps 2Mbps R 597.00
Priority 4Mbps 2Mbps R 697.00
Home 10Mbps 5Mbps R 647.00
Premium 10Mbps 5Mbps R 847.00
Priority 10Mbps 5Mbps R 947.00
Home 20Mbps 10Mbps R 897.00
Premium 20Mbps 10Mbps R1,197.00
Priority 20Mbps 10Mbps R1,397.00
Home 40Mbps 20Mbps R1,097.00
Premium 40Mbps 20Mbps R1,397.00
Priority 40Mbps 20Mbps R1,597.00
Home 100Mbps 50Mbps R1,297.00
Premium 100Mbps 50Mbps R1,597.00
Priority 100Mbps 50Mbps R1,997.00
Afrihost Openserve Capped Prices
Cap Size Download Speed Upload Speed Price
25GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R 427.00
50GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R 477.00
100GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R 527.00
200GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R 677.00
500GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R1,097.00
1000GB 4Mbps 2Mbps R1,697.00
25GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R 527.00
50GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R 547.00
100GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R 577.00
200GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R 727.00
500GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R1,197.00
1000GB 10Mbps 5Mbps R1,797.00
25GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R 577.00
50GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R 627.00
100GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R 677.00
200GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R 827.00
500GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R1,297.00
1000GB 20Mbps 10Mbps R1,897.00
25GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R 677.00
50GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R 727.00
100GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R 797.00
200GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R 897.00
500GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R1,347.00
1000GB 40Mbps 20Mbps R1,997.00
25GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R 747.00
50GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R 797.00
100GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R 897.00
200GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R 997.00
500GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R1,447.00
1000GB 100Mbps 50Mbps R2,097.00

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Afrihost to cut its Openserve fibre prices