You call 100Mbps fibre fast?

Cybersmart CTO Laurie Fialkov is not impressed by the use of the phrase “speed increases” to describe fibre providers offering clients upgrades to 100Mbps lines for cheaper rates.

Fialkov said many ISPs and fibre providers – including Cybersmart, MetroFibre Networx, and Steyn City Fibre  – offer symmetrical speeds of 200Mbps.

Certain ISPs offer speeds of up to 1Gbps on networks like Vumatel, Frogfoot, and Octotel, he added.

Cybersmart offers download speeds of up to 400Mbps – with users able to change their upload and download speeds on the fly.

Fialkov’s statement comes at the same time as Vumatel launching a 200Mbps service in South Africa.

The new speed offering gives clients download speeds of 200Mbps, and the choice of 20Mbps upload or 200Mbps upload speeds.

Openserve price cuts

For many DSL users, however, access to any fibre line – regardless of its speed – would be welcomed.

Speeds of over 100Mbps may also be wasted on many users, as common online tasks – website browsing, video streaming, and gaming – often do not receive discernable performance increases if a user goes from a 100Mbps line to a 200Mbps line, for example.

When it comes to downloads and file transfers, however, users will quickly see the benefit of the faster connection.

Telkom’s Openserve gave current and prospective fibre users good news recently, when it committed to upgrade fibre line speeds for free in August.

It announced it will reduce broadband access prices and increase speeds from 1 August, and that existing clients will pay 25% less for IP Connect, its wholesale ADSL product.

It will also roll out free speed increases across its Openserve Fibre Broadband (OFB) access portfolio – 2Mbps lines will be upgraded to 4Mbps, and 8Mbps lines to 10Mbps.

OFB prices will be reduced by an average of 9%, said Openserve.

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You call 100Mbps fibre fast?