Huge price cuts on MWEB fibre packages

MWEB has cut the prices of its Openserve fibre products, and introduced new uncapped fibre packages.

The price decreases follow Openserve’s recent wholesale price reductions of IP Connect (IPC) services. ISPs which wish to offer DSL or fibre packages on Openserve’s network must buy IPC to do so.

“MWEB will be passing on savings to its fibre customers on the Openserve network by decreasing the price of products, launching a new range of uncapped products, as well as migrating customers onto new line speeds,” it said.

Price cuts on existing packages range from R20 to R1,300, and its new uncapped services rival those Telkom recently unveiled.

Nighttime usage

Note* – On the capped packages, half the data allocation is for “nighttime usage” between midnight and 08:00 daily.

Example: A 200GB product has 100GB “anytime” data and 100GB “nighttime” data.

MWEB – Existing Openserve fibre products

Line Speed Product Current Price New Price Reduction
4Mbps 200GB* R629 R529 R100
4Mbps 400GB* R829 R679 R150
10Mbps 100GB* R599 R549 R50
10Mbps 200GB* R619 R599 R20
10Mbps 400GB* R999 R699 R300
10Mbps 600GB* R1,199 R849 R350
10Mbps 1,000GB* R1,599 R1,099 R500
20Mbps 100GB* R699 R629 R70
20Mbps 200GB* R819 R679 R140
20Mbps 400GB* R1,049 R799 R250
20Mbps 600GB* R1,249 R949 R300
20Mbps 1,000GB* R1,749 R1,199 R550
40Mbps 100GB* R799 R719 R80
40Mbps 200GB* R899 R799 R100
40Mbps 400GB* R1,099 R849 R250
40Mbps 600GB* R1,299 R999 R300
40Mbps 1,000GB* R1,799 R1,249 R550
100Mbps 100GB* R899 R799 R100
100Mbps 400GB* R999 R949 R50
100Mbps 600GB* R1,399 R1,149 R250
100Mbps 1,000GB* R1,899 R1,349 R550
100Mbps 2,000GB* R2,799 R1,999 R800
4Mbps UNCAPPED: Premium R689 R579 R110
10Mbps UNCAPPED: Premium R949 R799 R150
20Mbps UNCAPPED: Premium R1,499 R1,199 R300
40Mbps UNCAPPED: Premium R1,899 R1,399 R500
100Mbps UNCAPPED: Premium R3,299 R1,999 R1,300

New MWEB uncapped Openserve fibre products

Line Speed Product Price
4Mbps Uncapped R499
10Mbps Uncapped R649
20Mbps Uncapped R899
40Mbps Uncapped R999
100Mbps Uncapped R1,299

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Huge price cuts on MWEB fibre packages