Cybersmart planning 500Mbps fibre upgrade

Cybersmart plans to increase the speed of its fibre-to-the-home service from 400Mbps to 500Mbps in 2018.

This will only happen when the company is certain the majority of its clients’ PCs can perform speed tests of 500Mbps, however.

Cybersmart CTO Laurie Fialkov previously explained they limit their LightSpeed fibre service to 400Mbps because it is the maximum speed most users get when doing an online speed test.

Fialkov said their infrastructure makes it commercially and technically possible for Cybersmart to offer gigabit connections at affordable prices, but consumer expectations must be considered.

“When a consumer pays for a 1Gbps connection, they expect to see these speeds when they do online speed tests,” he said.

Technology restrictions on the consumer’s end can limit speed test results, and as speed tests are often used by consumers to judge their broadband connection, “under-delivery” is a concern.

Limitations include networking constraints – especially when using Wi-Fi – and the capacity of low-end laptops and PCs.

Fialkov said it is challenging to explain this to clients when they receive a sub-par speed test result.


To manage consumer expectations, Fialkov launched the 400Mbps service.

Consumer expectations, and meeting them, are therefore the driving force behind Cybersmart’s current fibre offering.

When its customers’ equipment supports higher speeds, the company will deliver them.

“As soon as we are certain that the vast majority of our clients’ machines support speed tests of 500Mbps, we will pull the trigger on this,” said Fialkov.

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Cybersmart planning 500Mbps fibre upgrade