Best 200Mbps Openserve fibre prices in South Africa

Openserve recently launched 200Mbps fibre wholesale services to ISPs.

Subsequently, ISPs have started offering 200Mbps fibre packages to customers on Openserve’s infrastructure.

Previously, the maximum speed on Openserve fibre was limited to 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up.

Following the new offering, maximum speeds on Openserve fibre can now reach up to 200Mbps down and 100Mbps up.

Many ISPs do not yet offer the new 200Mbps Openserve fibre packages, however.


Local ISPs who are offering 200Mbps Openserve packages include MWEB, Afrihost, Axxess, Cool Ideas, and Webafrica.

Webafrica does not offer any uncapped fibre packages for 200Mbps lines, however, while Cool Ideas does not offer any capped fibre packages.

The best 200Mbps capped and unpacked fibre packages currently available in South Africa are listed below.

Update: Cool Ideas uncapped 200Mbps fibre price has been updated to reflect the Openserve fibre component.

Home Uncapped 200Mbps packages

ISP Speed (Down/Up) Price pm
Afrihost 200/100Mbps R1,667
MWEB 200/100Mbps R1,999
Axxess 200/100Mbps R2,199
Cool Ideas 200/100Mbps R2,409

Home Capped 200Mbps packages

ISP Speed (Down/Up) Data Price pm
Webafrica 200/100Mbps 100GB R1,119
Axxess 200/100Mbps 100GB R1,150
MWEB 200/100Mbps 200GB Anytime + 200GB Night Time R1,199
Afrihost 200/100Mbps 100GB R1,257
MWEB 200/100Mbps 300GB Anytime + 300GB Night Time R1,399
Webafrica 200/100Mbps 400GB R1,439
Axxess 200/100Mbps 400GB R1,640
Afrihost 200/100Mbps 500GB R1,807
Webafrica 200/100Mbps 1,000GB R1,939
MWEB 200/100Mbps 1,000GB Anytime + 1,000GB Night Time R2,249
Afrihost 200/100Mbps 1,000GB R2,457
Axxess 200/100Mbps 1,000GB R2,510

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Best 200Mbps Openserve fibre prices in South Africa