The struggle to switch from Telkom fibre

A Telkom customer recently contacted MyBroadband after struggling to switch ISPs for over a month, due to Telkom not releasing his fibre line.

The customer had purchased a month-to-month fibre package through Telkom and wanted to move to a different Internet service provider, as he was not happy with Telkom’s customer service.

Unfortunately, his experience cancelling his fibre package was not straightforward – and saw him visiting a physical Telkom store, attempting to cancel online, and phoning their call centre to no avail.

The customer’s physical fibre line was with Vumatel, and his new ISP was also more than happy to provide him with a package.

Over a period of more than four weeks, the customer was unable to get Telkom to release his line despite various attempts through the channels listed above.

“I am stuck here and being literally held hostage by Telkom,” the customer told MyBroadband.

“I want to move away from them, and they are not allowing me to move away as they are not acknowledging the cancellation.”

Cancelling Telkom fibre

The customer initially tried to cancel his Telkom fibre account by visiting a Telkom store, but the store assistants advised him that this could not be completed in-store, He would have to call the customer care centre, staff advised.

He then called Telkom’s call centre, where an agent said he should try to cancel his account online.

When attempting to log in to the Telkom customer portal and cancel online, the customer said he was not recognised as a customer and was subsequently unable to make the cancellation.

He then called Telkom’s call centre and spoke to an agent, who sent him a cancellation form which he completed immediately and sent back.

Unfortunately, he did not receive feedback from Telkom after sending through his cancellation form. The reader said he followed up multiple times, but did not receive a response.

Throughout the period, he was also not issued with a reference number.

MyBroadband contacted Telkom for comment on the matter, and shortly after this the customer stated that his fibre line had been released.

Telkom – No comment

We asked Telkom about the correct process for switching fibre ISPs, along with the amount of time required to release a fibre line, but Telkom did not provide feedback.

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The struggle to switch from Telkom fibre