Atomic Access – the new fibre ISP which was built in 6 months

Atomic Access is the latest ISP to launch fibre products in South Africa, with aggressive pricing on home and business services.

The ISP’s products are available on three fibre networks – Openserve, Octotel, and Frogfoot – with plans to connect to three more networks by the end of 2018.

Nicholas Soper, MD of Atomic Access, told MyBroadband the company was part of an experiment to see if they could build an ISP in under six months.

“We wanted to see if we could build a better ISP if it had no ADSL legacy and was built the way we would want an ISP to be built,” said Soper.

“We simply wanted the best-quality Internet, with low latency and didn’t want to be a number on hold in the queue for support.”

The company launched its public offerings this week, but has been servicing a group of family and friends in recent months.

“We started with a single 100Mbps upstream Internet connection. Today, we have over a gigabit of international capacity, with two upstream providers and various 10Gbps links to fibre network operators and NAPAfrica,” said Soper.

The company’s infrastructure is hosted at Teraco in Rondebosch, with its own AS number, IP address space, and NAPAfrica Joburg PoP.

“Our network is now fully dual-stack with IPv4 and native IPv6 on all routers. We average around 140ms latency to London, which keeps our gamer friends happy.”

Although it has only been operating since February, Soper said the company is profitable and they were happy to let it grow at a steady rate.

“Our growth strategy is very simple: provide a great service and give customers up to 10% in monthly discounts if they invite their friends to join,” said Soper.

Atomic Access fibre products

The table below provides an overview of Atomic Access’s home fibre prices.

The discount tiers are explained on the Atomic Access product page.

Uncapped Fibre Prices on Octotel
Package List Price -5% Tier -10% Tier
Warp 10 10/5 Mbps R549 R399* R399*
Warp 10 Pro 10/10 Mbps R669 R636 R602
Warp 20 20/5 Mbps R739 R702 R665
Warp 20 Pro 20/20 Mbps R859 R816 R773
Warp 100 100/25 Mbps R949 R902 R854
Warp 100 Pro 100/100 Mbps R1,129 R1,073 R1,016
Warp 200 200/25 Mbps R1,299 R1,234 R1,169
Warp 200 Pro 200/200 Mbps R1,499 R1,424 R1,349
* Special Offer
Uncapped Fibre Prices on Frogfoot
Package List Price -5% Tier -10% Tier
10/5 Mbps R549 R522 R494
20/10 Mbps R739 R702 R665
50/25 Mbps R844 R802 R760
100/25 Mbps R949 R902 R854
Uncapped Fibre Prices on Openserve
Package List Price -5% Tier -10% Tier
10/5 Mbps R699 R664 R629
20/10 Mbps R899 R854 R809

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Atomic Access – the new fibre ISP which was built in 6 months