Best-ever fibre deal in South Africa – Uncapped 500Mbps for R899

Cybersmart Lightspeed has launched a 500Mbps uncapped fibre-to-the-home product for R899 per month, with the ability to change the upload and download speed on demand via an online portal.

The ISP previously offered subscribers an uncapped 400Mbps service for R1,499 per month, but has now reduced the price to R899 and increased the speed to 500Mbps.

Cybersmart Lightspeed has also cut the once-off price of its installation, activation, and fibre router from R3,999 to R1,499.

To add further value, the service comes with a free 021 286, 010 286, or 031 286 landline number which offers calls to mobile and landline phones at discounted rates.

Subscribers can port their existing landline number to Cybersmart for free, which means users can save on traditional landline rental fees.

The Cybersmart Lightspeed router has the same telephone ports as a normal telephone, which means subscribers can make use of the telephone service by using their existing telephone.

The platform supports two telephones and comes with a free voicemail-to-email service.

Increasing speeds to 500Mbps

Cybersmart CTO Laurie Fialkov said they were always looking to increase their peak speed from 400Mbps to 500Mbps at no extra cost.

What held the company back was the ability of entry-level laptops to handle peak speeds and accurately reflect these speeds when doing a speed test.

“The average laptop now can now perform a speed test up to 500Mbps, which is why we felt comfortable launching the higher speed,” Fialkov said.

“We will continue over time to increase the speed for free as hardware improves and is able to handle higher speeds,” said Fialkov.

Change download and upload speeds on demand

Like all of Cybersmart Lightspeed’s fibre products, subscribers can change their download and upload speed ratio on demand through an online portal.

By default the service is a 250Mbps symmetrical service (250Mbps download and 250Mbps upload), but users can adjust it to any ratio they want.

Users can, for example, change the service to 450Mbps/50Mbps, or even 500Mbps/10Mbps – depending on their needs.

Improved Wi-Fi

Fialkov said they have also invested heavily to ensure that the Wi-Fi experience of users is much better than before.

“If you have a phone or a laptop that supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard you will be able to get between 180Mbps and 200Mbps – down and up,” said Fialkov.

These speeds are, however, only achievable when you are in the same room as the wireless router, but Cybersmart is offering an option to extend this range.

“We have partnered with Jambu who will do a wireless heatmap and wireless design at a reduced rate for our fibre customers,” Fialkov said.

Great news for new and existing customers

All existing Cybersmart Lightspeed customers will also be upgraded to the new 500Mbps speed for free.

These customers will have the option to trade in their old router for the improved version for R799.

Additionally, Cybersmart will pay 50% of Jambu’s call out and wireless design fee for all existing customers.

Another big benefit is that Cybersmart’s Lightspeed service was previously only offered on 12 and 24-month contracts. It is now month-to-month.

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Best-ever fibre deal in South Africa – Uncapped 500Mbps for R899