Cybersmart’s 500Mbps uncapped fibre vs BitCo, Supersonic, and GigaGo

Cybersmart and BitCo recently unveiled new fibre packages for the local market.

Cybersmart now offers a 500Mbps Lightspeed uncapped fibre service for R899 per month, while BitCo launched uncapped fibre packages on Vumatel’s fibre network.

The new products follow the recent launch of Supersonic, MTN’s rebrand of Smart Village, which offers fibre ISP services and runs a fibre network.

Even more recent is the launch of GigaGo, MetroFibre Networx’s fibre ISP which offers uncapped packages.

Fibre prices

While Cybersmart’s Lightspeed fibre packages are only available on its fibre network, Supersonic packages are available on Supersonic’s fibre network, Openserve, and Vumatel.

BitCo’s home fibre packages are initially available on Vumatel’s network, while GigaGo’s packages are initially available on MetroFibre Networx and Openserve fibre networks.

To see how these packages stack up, we compared their pricing and speed.

It must be noted that Cybersmart’s Lightspeed 500Mbps package features adjustable download and upload rates – letting users set their line as 400Mbps/100Mbps or 250Mbps/250Mbps, for example, on the fly.

The table below shows the packages and pricing available from these providers.

Please note that fair usage limits and activation fees for the packages have not been taken into account.

Uncapped Fibre Prices
Package Download Speed Fibre Network Price pm
GigaGo Go4 4/5Mbps MetroFibre Networx, Openserve R550
Supersonic 4/4 4Mbps Vumatel R699
GigaGo Go10 10Mbps MetroFibre Networx, Openserve R699
Supersonic 10/5 10Mbps Openserve R699
BitCo 20/2 20Mbps Vumatel R759
BitCo 20/20 20Mbps Vumatel R849
Supersonic 20/20 20Mbps Vumatel R899
GigaGo Go20 20/25Mbps MetroFibre Networx, Openserve R899
Supersonic 20/10 20Mbps Openserve R949
BitCo 50/5 50Mbps Vumatel R959
BitCo 50/50 50Mbps Vumatel R1,049
GigaGo Go40 40/50Mbps MetroFibre Networx, Openserve R1,099
Supersonic 50/50 50Mbps Vumatel R1,099
Supersonic 40/20 40Mbps Openserve R1,199
BitCo 100/10 100Mbps Vumatel R1,119
BitCo 100/100 100Mbps Vumatel R1,199
Supersonic 100/100 100Mbps Vumatel R1,249
GigaGo Go100 100Mbps MetroFibre Networx, Openserve R1,299
BitCo 200/20 200Mbps Vumatel R1,299
BitCo 200/200 200Mbps Vumatel R1,399
Cybersmart Lightspeed 500Mbps 500Mbps Cybersmart R899

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Cybersmart’s 500Mbps uncapped fibre vs BitCo, Supersonic, and GigaGo