TT Connect dismisses “false rumour” about fibre equipment not being connected to city power

MyBroadband recently received information that TT Connect’s fibre infrastructure in Benoni was not connected to the municipal power supply in the area.

Reports from residents stated that the Ekurhuleni Municipality was refusing to connect TT Connect’s distribution boxes to the municipal power supply.

These reports stated that the company was subsequently forced to charge its distribution box UPSs using mobile generators in order to keep its fibre infrastructure running.

We reached out to TT Connect for feedback on this information, and the company strongly refuted these claims, dismissing them as “false rumours”.

Totally false

TT Connect told MyBroadband that these reports were completely incorrect and were spawned by false rumours on social media.

“We have seen that someone has started this false rumour on social media about a dispute with the Ekurhuleni council about two weeks ago – it’s totally false,” TT Connect said.

“All our Points of Presence (POPs) in Benoni are running on council power.”

The company added that it sometimes needs to run a POP in a temporary hybrid mode due to the rate of its network expansion.

“Due to the fast pace of our network expansion of 2-3 suburbs a month, we do need to sometimes run some of our POPs in a hybrid mode when we initially go live for a period of 4-12 weeks, whilst we wait for the relevant council to process and install our power order for the various POPs,” TT Connect stated.

While it waits for these installations to occur, maintenance teams conduct regular site inspections to ensure that the POPs remain powered.

Sometimes a POP may go down the day of a scheduled generator run, but it is usually brought back up fairly quickly, TT Connect said.

However, these hybrid mode POP maintenance activities are unrelated to the false reports regarding the company’s infrastructure in Benoni, the company said.

“At the moment, there are only four POPs on hybrid mode and none of them are anywhere near Benoni.”

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TT Connect dismisses “false rumour” about fibre equipment not being connected to city power