Big South African fibre survey – Most popular speeds and ISPs

MyBroadband’s Big South African fibre survey was conducted in October 2018 to gather information about fibre take-up and demand in South Africa.

The survey also asked users which Internet service providers (ISPs) they use, and how much data they consume per month.

The survey was completed by 10,456 respondents, who were typically IT professionals and tech-savvy consumers.

The survey results are therefore representative of the IT community and high-end consumers in the country.

Big South African fibre survey results

An overview of the results from the Big South African fibre survey is provided below.

The full results, which include areas of high fibre demand and related geographic information, are available from MyBroadband Insights.

Fibre connection at home

41% of respondents indicated that they have a fibre connection at home.

The main reason for not having a fibre-to-the-home service is a lack of availability.

97% of people who do not have access to fibre say they will subscribe to the service when it becomes available.

Do you have a fibre connection at home?
Answer Percentage
Yes 41%
No 59%
If you do not have fibre coverage, will you upgrade to fibre when it becomes available in your area? 
Answer Percentage
Yes 97%
No 3%

Speed and account sizes

Many fibre-to-the-home subscribers are price sensitive, with a large percentage of users opting for slow and cheaper connections.

There is, however, a spike at 100Mbps which seems to be a sweet spot in the balance between performance and price.

Most fibre subscribers are using uncapped accounts, while the most popular capped accounts range between 200GB and 500GB.

What speed is your fibre connection?
Answer Percentage
4Mbps 8%
10Mbps 21%
20Mbps 33%
25Mbps 2%
40Mbps 4%
50Mbps 11%
100Mbps 17%
200Mbps 3%
500Mbps 1%
1Gbps 1%
What is the size of your fibre ISP account?
Answer Percentage
Under 100GB 4%
100GB to 199GB 6%
200GB to 499GB 10%
500GB to 999GB 2%
Over 1TB 1%
Uncapped 77%

Most popular fibre ISPs

Cool Ideas was the most popular fibre ISP among survey respondents, outranking larger service providers like Telkom, Afrihost, and MWEB.

Cool Ideas is widely seen as the top ISP in South Africa, which was confirmed by winning the coveted MyBroadband ISP of the Year award for 2018 last month.

Its rapid rise to the top is an indication of the influence of tech-savvy consumers who advise their friends, family, and businesses on which ISP to use.

Most popular fibre ISP in South Africa
ISP Percentage
Cool Ideas 15%
Afrihost 14%
Telkom Internet 11%
Vox 9%
Webafrica 9%
Cell C C-Fibre 5%
Axxess 3%
Supersonic 2%
Cybersmart 1%
Other 24%

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Big South African fibre survey – Most popular speeds and ISPs