100Mbps uncapped fibre – How prices have fallen since 2014

It was just over four years ago when Vumatel started digging up ground in Parkhurst and working on its core network.

One of the first ISPs to start offering services on Vumatel’s network was Cool Ideas, regarded as the best fibre ISP in South Africa and the winner of the MyBroadband ISP of the Year for 2018 award.

The fibre-only ISP offers a range of uncapped packages across many networks today, with competitive prices and unlimited usage.

But the “great prices” we see today were not always the case – and this was the scenario with many ISPs offering packages over new fibre networks.

Fibre prices in 2014

In August 2014, when Cool Ideas and other ISPs announced prices for its products on Vumatel’s network, the market was quite different to what it is today.

Today, there are scores of ISPs and fibre networks offering capped and uncapped packages in South Africa, which has created healthy competition and led to price drops.

Costs have also come down for fibre networks and ISPs, thanks to improvements in international bandwidth, peering agreements, and reaching scale with bigger customer bases.

This means that what we pay for a fibre connection today is substantially less than the price of the same connection several years ago.

In 2014, though, the fibre market was a lot younger and faced many more potential challenges – which means that prices were higher to address these factors.

To see just how much prices have dropped from late 2014 to today, we took fibre ISP offers from four years ago and compared them to current prices.

The table below shows the change in prices for packages over the period.

Uncapped fibre prices – 2014 vs 2018

Fibre Prices – 2014 vs 2018
Package Speed 2014 2018
Cool Ideas Uncapped (Vumatel) 50Mbps R3,298 R959
Cool Ideas Uncapped (Vumatel) 100Mbps R6,599 R1,069
MTN Fibre 500GB/Uncapped 20Mbps R2,719 (500GB) R849 (Uncapped)
MTN Fibre 500GB/Uncapped 40Mbps R2,929 (500GB) R1,199 (Uncapped)
MTN Fibre 500GB/Uncapped 100Mbps R3,729 (500GB) R1,249 (Uncapped)
Cybersmart Lightspeed Business Uncapped R11,999 (100Mbps) R1,299 (500Mbps)
Vodacom Business Fibre Uncapped 10Mbps R3,499 R1,614
Vodacom Business Fibre Uncapped 20Mbps R5,899 R2,017
Vodacom Business Fibre Uncapped 50Mbps R9,999 R3,026
Vodacom Business Fibre Uncapped 100Mbps R16,999 R4,539

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100Mbps uncapped fibre – How prices have fallen since 2014