Vumatel moves clients to slower lines and hikes prices

A number of Webafrica customers have received an email from the ISP notifying them of an increase in the price of their fibre package.

According to the email, the price increases will affect customers who originally signed up on Fibrehoods lines over two years ago – which Vumatel has since acquired.

The email states that Vumatel is now standardising all fibre line prices to match its own, and as a result, customers’ lines may be downgraded to lower speeds and their monthly price will be changed.

“Please understand that we are simply passing on a cost increase from our supplier and are making no additional profit from this,” Webafrica said in its email to customers.

Webafrica added that customers are welcome to change their package if they prefer, and also offered affected users a promotional code for free VoIP services for six months.

Price increases

MyBroadband has read the emails regarding two of these cases, which outline the price increases for capped and uncapped packages.

One Webafrica subscriber who is on a 20/20 Mbps uncapped fibre package will have their line speed downgraded to 20/2Mbps – and their monthly price will be increased from R809 to R859.

The other customer is using a 100/10 Mbps line with a 200GB capped fibre package, and will now be downgraded to a 20/2Mbps uncapped package. Their price will change from R779 to R859 per month.

These price changes are set to take effect from 1 March 2019, and customers can visit Webafrica’s Customer Zone to select a different package before 20 February 2019 to change.

Affected customers are therefore effectively seeing their line speed reduced while their monthly costs increase. It is currently unclear whether customers using other ISPs are affected.

In addition to the emails MyBroadband has seen, our forum members using Webafrica and Vumatel have reported receiving the same notifications.

One user reported that although their uncapped monthly package price will decrease from R1,079 to R1,059 per month as a result of this change, their line speed will drop from 100/10 Mbps to 50/5 Mbps.

Webafrica said Vumatel is bringing all legacy fibre in line with its current wholesale pricing, which means this price increase relates to Fibrehoods, Mitsol, and Maboneng Broadband customers.

Vumatel comment

Vumatel confirmed to MyBroadband that the price changes applied to legacy Fibrehoods infrastructure acquired in 2016, and the company said it had sent a notification to all service providers concerning the pricing alignment.

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Vumatel moves clients to slower lines and hikes prices