Vumatel vs Openserve – Fibre prices compared

ISPs with packages on Vumatel’s network recently announced price increases and line speed changes for customers on legacy Fibrehood infrastructure.

Vumatel said that it upgraded and integrated Fibrehoods fibre after it acquired the company in 2016, part of which meant changing the old infrastructure pricing.

“In acquiring Fibrehoods in 2016, Vumatel embarked on a process to integrate and upgrade the acquired infrastructure and operations to meet the business’s and customers’ required service levels and standards,” Vumatel said.

The alignment of all legacy Fibrehoods pricing to that of the standard Vumatel pricing post integration of the networks will come into effect on 1 March 2019.

This means that ISPs may pass the cost of the price increase to their customers, and it is currently unclear how this will be handled by major service providers.

For example, one Webafrica customer’s uncapped 20/20 Mbps fibre package was lowered to a 20/2 Mbps line while his monthly price was increased by R50.

Vumatel said the price hikes allow it to run a sustainable, high-quality network with good service levels.

Vumatel vs Openserve

For customers who want to see how their new Vumatel prices stand up, we have compared the pricing of uncapped fibre packages on Vumatel and Openserve – Telkom’s infrastructure division.

Openserve and Vumatel are the two big FTTH players in South Africa, and their networks extend across the country.

The table below compares the uncapped fibre accounts available on Openserve and Vumatel from Cool Ideas and Supersonic.

The two ISPs have been rated at the best in South Africa by MyBroadband’s readers, and the pricing provides and idea of what packages cost end-users on the networks.

Vumatel vs Openserve
Uncapped Package Vumatel Openserve
Cool Ideas 10/5 Mbps R499
Cool Ideas 10/2 Mbps R649
Supersonic 10/2 Mbps R699
Supersonic 10/5 Mbps R699
Cool Ideas 10/10 Mbps R699
Supersonic 10/10 Mbps R799
Cool Ideas 20/2 Mbps R809
Supersonic 20/2 Mbps R849
Supersonic 20/20 Mbps R899
Cool Ideas 20/20 Mbps R909
Supersonic 20/10 Mbps R949
Cool Ideas 20/10 Mbps R999
Cool Ideas 100/10 Mbps R1,119
Supersonic 100/10 Mbps R1,199
Cool Ideas 100/100Mbps R1,219
Supersonic 100/100 Mbps R1,249
Supersonic 100/50 Mbps R1,499
Cool Ideas 100/50 Mbps R1,499
Cool Ideas 200/20 Mbps R1,419
Supersonic 200/200 Mbps R1,499
Cool Ideas 200/200 Mbps R1,519
Supersonic 200/100 Mbps R1,749
Cool Ideas 200/100 Mbps R2,409

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Vumatel vs Openserve – Fibre prices compared