Why Vumatel had downtime this week

Vumatel customers told MyBroadband that the network had been down for an extended period earlier this week after load-shedding took place.

On Tuesday, Vumatel tweeted that “due to the number of suburbs that are being load-shed at once in CPT, we are experiencing longer than normal delays to restore fibre services when power is restored”.

“When the power was restored after Stage 4 load-shedding, a huge amount of customer end points attempted to simultaneously reconnect and this resulted in a minimal delay in the restoration of some customers’ services,” Vumatel commercial director Simon Butler told MyBroadband.

Butler added that Vumatel has measures in place to deal with issues caused by load-shedding.

“Every POP on Vumatel’s national network has backup power with sufficient capacity to remain powered throughout Stage 4 load-shedding,” said Butler.

“Customers who have alternative in-house power sources will therefore be able to remain connected, assuming that their selected Internet service provider also has the necessary backups in place.”

Butler added that users with their own power sources should not suffer a load-shedding-induced loss of service.

“If a customer has back-up power in their home, then they can expect to stay connected during load-shedding, however, should a customer not have back-up power at home, they may experience a minimal delay in the restoration of their internet service post load-shedding.”

Downdetector‘s graph showing reports of Vumatel downtime on Tuesday is below.

Vumatel Downtime

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Why Vumatel had downtime this week