How much 1 year of uncapped fibre costs in South Africa

In October 2018, several ISPs complained to MyBroadband about Vumatel’s fee structure, stating they prefer to work with other fibre network operators.

Vumatel charges new fibre clients a R1,725 installation fee, and an additional R1,000 connection fee to activate a subscriber on its network. When you switch ISPs, the connection fee is triggered again.

While Vumatel is not the only fibre network operator to charge these fees, its prices were some of the highest in the industry.

Vumatel told MyBroadband that its fees help cover its investment in Active Ethernet technology and that a better way to compare the price of fibre-to-the-home providers is to look at the total cost of ownership from a consumer perspective.


To see how much the total cost of ownership is across fibre networks, we looked at the pricing of fibre-to-the-home packages from Cool Ideas.

Cool Ideas was selected as it offers services across a very wide array of infrastructure providers, including Vumatel.

The comparison revealed that even though a fibre infrastructure provider like Vumatel, Octotel, Openserve, and Frogfoot may have an installation fee, ISPs elect to absorb some or all of those costs under certain circumstances.

Since Cool Ideas offers symmetric services on the infrastructure of most fibre network operators, the table below is sorted according to the price of a symmetric 10Mbps services. The price of symmetric 100Mbps packages then acts as the tie-breaker.

While Cool Ideas deciding to absorb some installation costs does have an effect on the overall standings, Vumatel is firmly placed towards the bottom – the more expensive end of the table.

If the sorting method is changed to favour 100Mbps symmetric packages over 10Mbps services, Vumatel’s standing increases slightly.

It should be noted that for the asymmetric packages listed in the table below, only download speeds are considered. Upload speeds may differ depending on the fibre network and location.

Cheaper services also do not necessarily mean slower upload speeds. On Vumatel, a connection with 100Mbps download and 10Mbps upload is R1,119 per month. With fibre from Century City Connect, for example, you can get a 100Mbps connection with 50Mbps upload speeds for R999 per month.

All of the packages listed below include a router, but Cool Ideas makes it clear that this remains its property and must be returned if you cancel your package.

Total Cost of Ownership – 12 months
Cool Ideas Asymmetric Symmetric Once-off Costs
Fibre Network 10Mbps D/L 100Mbps D/L 10/10Mbps 100/100Mbps Installation Connection
Balwin R5,988 R13,188 Included Included
Linteg R6,588 R15,588 Included Included
Blitz R7,272 R17,028 Included Included
Frogfoot R7,308 R12,108 30m included Included
Maboneng R12,108 R7,308 Included Included
FairCape R7,688 R12,488 R500 Included
FibreSuburb R7,808 R13,928 R500 Included
Waterfall R8,008 R18,928 Included R700
DFA R8,058 R12,858 R750 Included
SADV R8,058 R15,378 R750 Included
Celerity R8,388 R15,588 Included Included
MetroFibre R8,408 R16,088 R500 Included
Octotel R7,308 R12,108 R8,508 R14,628 Included Included
Evotel R8,888 R13,688 R500 Included
Clearaccess R9,008 R21,128 R500 Included
DNATel R9,138 R19,938 R750 Included
LinkAfrica R8,108 R15,428 R9,308 R17,828 R800 Included
Steyn City R9,708 R18,228 R1,200 Included
Netstream R9,733 R14,533 R1,725 R700
Vumatel R9,513 R15,153 R10,113 R16,353 R1,725 Included
Aeonova R10,208 R18,728 R500 Included
Supersonic R10,788 R15,708 R2,280 Included
Cool Fibre R15,138 R16,338 R1,710 Included
Century City Connect R5,988 R11,988 Free Included
Openserve R5,988 R17,988 8m included Included
Mitsol R8,808 R12,608 Included R1500/R500
Edgetel R8,913 R16,113 R1,725 Included

Please note that the following exceptions apply:

  • Frogfoot – Asymmetric in Century City.
  • FibreSuburb – Southdowns and Kindlewood Estate: installed to garage.
  • DFA – Parkview, The Jade, and Westpoint only. R2,000 installation for houses.
  • SADV – No install fee for complexes.
  • Netstream – Installation fee may be included.
  • Century City Connect – Clara Anna Fontein installation R3,999.
  • Mitsol – 10/5 service connection fee is R1,500.

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How much 1 year of uncapped fibre costs in South Africa