Interesting results from big South African FTTH survey

MyBroadband recently conducted its Q1 2019 South African Fibre-to-the-Home survey which showed that fibre continues to enjoy strong uptake in the country.

It was the largest fibre-to-the-home survey in South Africa, with over 9,000 responds in the first quarter of this year.

People who completed the survey were typically IT professionals and tech-savvy consumers.

The survey results are therefore representative of the IT community and high-end consumers in the country.

Big South African fibre survey results

The results showed that affordability, and therefore lower speeds, remain a big consideration for most fibre-to-the-home subscribers.

It further revealed that uncapped accounts are by far the most popular option, independent of the speed of the service.

The dominant ISPs in the FTTH market are Cool Ideas, Afrihost, Telkom, Vox, MWEB. and Webafrica.

For those who cannot get fibre where they live, ADSL, mobile, and-fixed LTE services are the most popular choices.

An overview of the results from the survey is provided in the infographics below.

Survey results

Those who do not have fibre

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Interesting results from big South African FTTH survey